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Getting Ready for Implementation

In order to get your production up and running in Start+ and Hours+, you'll need to provide your implementation specialist with the following items:

  1. Get all your documents together (Startwork)

    Send us your start forms and production-specific forms your production will need.
  2. Union Contracts

    Submit union contracts for your production 
  3. Department Workflows

    Auto-assign department workflows in Start+ & Hours+
  4. Assign Permissions

    Consider who will be assigned to which role (e.g. I9 Approver, Hiring Manager, Approver, etc.). You will need to provide their name and email address.
  5. Timecard Batches

    Set up timecard batches for quick and easy approval. 
  6. Location

    Cast & Crew digital production suites are only available in the US and soon to be Canada. For international locations, we can direct you to Sargent-Disc. Please note that we cannot provide service to “Above-the-line” expenditures (this includes actors in SAG, writers in WGA, directors in DGA, and AFTRA).

Need assistance?

For questions about the entire suite of digital tools and solutions, contact Support: 

  • Email: 
  • Phone: 888.570.6180