ETC Employees

ETC: Log in to Your Account

  • Existing ETC Users will receive a notification email letting them know they were added to a new project. You can then log in to with your existing login information.
  • New Employee Accounts will receive an Activation email which will activate your account in
  1. Click the ETC link in the email to navigate to the MyCast&Crew portal.
    1. Keep in mind you’ll need to be connected to the internet on a desktop or laptop computer or tablet (not a mobile device such as a smart phone).
  2. To set up your account, OKTA will send a link with a token specific to your account.
    Keep in mind: This link can only be used one-time, so if you click it once, it won’t work again, even if you don’t set up a new password.
  3.  When you reach the Change Password screen, enter a new password of your own choosing in the “New Password” field > Verify your password > Click Change Password.
    • Password Rules: The password must be at least 12 characters long and must not contain part of your username or first/last name.
    • Please make a note of your password. Once you create your account, it will save in the Cast & Crew system so you don’t have to redo it and you can use it across Cast & Crew products.
4. Read the terms and conditions of your CAPS ETC account > Click the I Agree button to proceed.