ETC Admins

ETC Admins: Set Up Employee Details for a Project

  1. On the Project Details page, scroll down to the “Employees” section.
  2. Click Setup Employee.
    CAPS setup employee
  3. Add the employee’s email address, first and last name, and start date.
    1. Anything with a red asterisk (*) is mandatory.
  4. You can check the LoanOut and Reimbursement options if applicable to the employee.
    CAPS create employee
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the locations that apply to the employee or choose a New Location > Click Next.
  7. If the job location is in CA, NY, or Minnesota, a WTPA form will apply. Choose whether the employee requires a WTPA or not for CA. If the job is in New York or Minnesota, a WTPA form will be required by default > Click Next.
  8. In the next screen, set up the employee’s occupation. 
  9. Choose the Union from the drop down.
  10. Click the Occupation You can either type the occupation to narrow down the search or use the scroll to find it in the list.
  11. Add the employee’s Pay Rate, Units, Shoot Account, and Non-Shoot Account.
    1. Anything with a red asterisk (*) is mandatory.
  12. Click Next. This adds the employee to the project and sends them a Welcome Email, which the employee will use to log in and complete their paperwork.
  13. You will be redirected to the Employee Details screen after the employee has been created.

Note: If their occupation does not have the word "exempt," the occupation is hourly and must have an hourly rate and hourly units.

If exempt is a part of the occ title, their pay rate must be a day rate or weekly rate and units must be day or week respectively.