ETC Admins

ETC Admins: Set Up Project Location Details


  1. Select a client in the “Clients” box on the Project Metrics page. This will populate the projects you’re added to below in the “Projects” section.
    CAPS client selection (2)

  2. Click a project to go to the Project Details page.
    CAPS click a project (2)

  3. If you want to have additional locations other than the original ones that were set up by the Client Admin, click Setup Location in the “Project Locations” box.
  4. Add a location from the dropdown list, as well as a zip code. If you already have employees on the job, you can select the employees the location applies to.
  5. Click Save. 

Note: If the job is in New York, California, or Minnesota, you’ll need to set up the WTPA defaults by clicking WTPA Defaults in the right corner of the “Project Details” box > Click WTPA Defaults.
  • If the job is in New York or Minnesota, a WTPA form will be required by default.