Purchase Orders

DPO: How to Amend a PO


  1. Find and click on the PO you would like to edit on the “View PO” screen.  
  2. Click the plus icon in the toolbar (A picture containing white

Description automatically generated). 
  3. You will see a message box appear asking if you’d like to “Amend Purchase Order?” 
  4. Click Yes, Amend this P.O. 
  5. DPO will bring up the details of this purchase order, which you can then amend.
  6. If the quantity or price is amended, DPO will redo the calculation.  
  7. If you have the red Amendment Comment box set up in your DPO book, you must write a comment in this box before amending the PO. You will not be able to amend the PO without a comment. 
  8. Once finalized, the amendment comment will appear on the PO detail screen in a blue box.