Studio+: Using the Search Function

Wherever you are in Studio+, you will always have access to the search bar, located at the top of the screen. Use the search bar to quickly find content.

1. Click in the search bar. You can search for the name of a document, a word or number contained within a document, or a description of an image.

Studio+ search bar

2. Click All to use the filter option to narrow down your search.

Studio+ filters

You can choose from:

  • Exclude File Contents: Searches only for the file name and removes file contents that contain the word or number you're searching for. Use this filter when you want to find a file by its name.
    studio+ exclude file contents
  • Exclude File Names: Searches only within file contents and removes file names. Use this filter when you want to find something contained within the contents of a file.
    studio+ exclude file names
  • Extensions: List of various file types.
  • Doc Types: Tags that have been assigned to files after upload.
  • Date Ranges: Set filters to search a preset time (day, week, month or year), or set a custom range.
  •  Note: You may use multiple filter types at one time.

3. After you search for a word, number, or phrase, hit enter on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass. Studio+ will run a complete search and present you with a list of results to select from.

4. Select Clear all filters at the bottom of the filter drop-down to remove all currently set filters.