Studio+: Using the Search Function

Wherever you are in Studio+, you will always have access to the search bar, located at the top of the screen. Use the search bar to quickly find content.

1. Type in the name of a document, a word contained within a document or a description of an image.

2. After you type in the search word or phrase, Studio+ will run a complete search and present you with a list of results to select from.

3. You can refine your search by using filters. Click the “All” dropdown to see the various filters. Note: You may use multiple filters at one time.
    • Extensions: List of various file types.
    • Doc Types: Tags that have been assigned to files after upload.
    • Date Ranges: Set filters to search a preset time (day, week, month or year), or set a custom range.
4. Select Clear Filters to remove all currently set filters.