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CAPS Pay Project Users: PointZero Reports

You can copy batch information from CAPS Pay into a PointZero log. To copy batch data to a PointZero file:

  1. Open your PointZero log in Microsoft Excel.
  2. Click PointZero in CAPS Pay and select Open with Microsoft Excel at the prompt to open the batch spreadsheet.
  3. Verify that your PointZero log has at least as many available rows as you will be copying from your batch spreadsheet.
  4. In the batch spreadsheet, select the rows with data and click CRTL+C (Copy).
  5. Click the appropriate line or column in your PointZero log.
  6. Select Paste Values (this is an Excel Paste Special option). The batch information will be pasted into the PointZero log.
  7. Save and close the PointZero log.
  8. Close the CAPSPay batch spreadsheet.