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CAPS Pay Administrators: How to Set Up a Project

First, you'll need to create a project that the Production Manager/Supervisor will use to enter payroll batches. A payroll batch is simply a group of timecards.

As a general rule, one CAPS Pay Batch corresponds to one CAPS invoice. Payroll batches should be submitted the way you’d like payroll billed.

To set up a project:

  1. Click Projects in the menu to the left. This will open a tab to the right. The top will display your existing created projects, and the bottom will be where you will create new ones.
  2. In the lower right part of the Projects tab, enter a Project Name.
    • The Project Name must include the Project/Job.  Example: “FORD #1234”
  3. Enter the Project/Job Number.
    • Each project must have a unique Job Number. Example: You have multiple Ford commercials but you give each a unique job number, such as “FORD #1234” and “FORD #3456.”
  4. Select a Project Type from the drop-down. The Project Type will determine which contract(s) are applied to the project.
    1. If a new Project Type is needed for a union project, contact the CAPS Pay Administrator. Additional contracts may need to be provided to CAPS to create non-traditional project types.
    2. Project type “Non-Commercial” can be used for all non-union, non-commercial productions (i.e., industrials, spec spots, etc.). Contact the CAPS Pay Administrator to add this project type.
  5. Enter at least one Project Location (where work will take place). If the zip code is unknown, please approximate to a zip code related to the Project Location indicated (i.e., for Los Angeles, enter a generic LA zip code if you're unsure of the actual shooting location at the time of setup).
    1. You may enter additional locations
    2. Project users (Production Managers/Supervisors) can also add locations to their projects as necessary.
    3. If you have more than four shooting locations for the project, see Project Locations.
  6. Enter the Production Manager/Supervisor’s name, email, and phone number.
  7. Click Save. CAPS Pay will assign a Project User ID and send an email to the Production Manager/Supervisor with his or her login information. Keep in mind the Project User ID will expire six weeks after it is created, so if access to the project is still required after the expiration date, the Project User ID will need to be reactivated by CAPS Pay Support.

      This automated email to the production contact is only generated the first time a project is set up. If a project already exists and you wish to assign a production contact, please contact the CAPS Pay Administrator.

      Next, learn how to add locations to your project here.