Studio+: Creating Script Sides

1. To get started, open the script file (FDX or PDF format) within Studio+.

2. Click the 3-dot menu icon on the right side and select Create Script Sides. Continue through prompts to generate and distribute sides.

3. Select the scenes you wish to use for your script side by clicking each page. You will see the highlighted checkmark in the bottom right corner of each page > Click Next. 

4. A new prompt box will appear. Type and select the names of the users you wish to add to the side’s distribution.

5. Select how you wish to obscure any scene overflow (White-out or X-out), and then select distribution type:

  • Digital: Distribute to users via Studio+
  • Physical: Will generate a printable PDF

6. Click Next.

7. Browse and review the generated document preview. Once approved, click Generate to create the sides.