Studio+ Release: October 14, 2020

Date: Wednesday, Oct 14, 2020

Time: 8:00-9:00 p.m. PST


This release will include the following new features and updates:   

Automatic removal of problematic characters from file names.  
  • Some characters are incompatible with some machines and applications. To increase compatibility with more devices and applications, Cast & Crew Studio automatically detects and removes characters that could be problematic. Users may notice certain characters stripped from their file names after they upload files.

Studio release notes characters

Sticky header throughout application. 
  • To improve the user experience in Cast & Crew Studio, the application header now remains accessible as the user scrolls down a lengthy page. There is no need to scroll back to the top of the screen to access the header's functionality.

Studio release notes sticky header

Enhancements to Bulk-Action.  
  • Bulk-action is now accessible in search results.

Studio release notes bulk

  • To add functionality where users most need it, we've made the Bulk-Action feature available from the search results window, which becomes available after a file is selected.

Studio release notes bulk2

User Interaction enhancements. 
  • To improve users' experience, we've made Cast & Crew Studio closely mimic interactions users are already familiar with. This includes double clicking a file to open the file preview window, double clicking a folder to open the folder, and right clicking a file or folder to open its applicable menu.  

studio release notes singleclick

Studio release notes rightclick

Payroll report file name enhancements for payroll integration. 
  • It’s now easier for clients who utilize Cast & Crew Studio's payroll integration to know who to respond to when they receive a payroll report. The name of the coordinator who sent the report is added to the end of the payroll report's file name. For instance, users can now quickly assess who, at Cast & Crew, sent them an adjustment invoice and can easily respond back when approving an adjustment.

studio release notes name