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Asset and Organization Permissions Files Guide

Permission Structure

Removing Permissions

Navigation View Permissions

Asset and Organization Permissions Files Guide

The images below provide an overview of asset and organization permissions in Studio+. Click an image to view and download a PDF version.

Studio+ permissions `

Studio+ permissions 2

Studio+ Permissions 3

Permission Structure

[Example folder tree structure]

Studio+ permission model

Permissions assigned to the folder/project in the tree structure are known as explicit permissions and the permissions that pass on to all subfolders and files are known as inherited permissions.

When you assign asset-level permissions to a project or parent folder, the explicitly assigned permissions will propagate to all sub-folders and digital files located within the parent folder or project. 

If any new sub-folders or digital files are added, they will automatically inherit the same permissions that were explicitly assigned at the parent folders. 

  • Here's how assigned explicit permissions combine on the same branch:

Studio+ permssion add

  • Multiple permissions can be layered on top of each other, like in the example below:

studio+ permission 1

Removing Permissions

Permissions can only be removed where they are explicitly assigned. 

For example, in order to remove an inherited "upload" permission, you must remove it from the parent folder where it was explicitly assigned. This will remove all inherited "upload" permissions on subfolders and digital files below the parent. See below:

Studio+ permssion remove

Navigation View Permissions

When you assign explicit permissions below the root folder (topmost folder), the user will be assigned  "Navigation View" permissions up the tree so they can navigate to the directory where the permissions are explicitly assigned.

Studio+ navigation view permissions

Users with the "navigation view" permission will have a dotted circle around their initials.

Navigation View permissions cannot be removed. They will, however, be removed automatically when an explicitly assigned permission is removed and navigation to a folder with explicitly assigned permissions is no longer necessary.

Studio+ navigation view

You can also overwrite the navigation view permission with explicit permissions at any time. Keep in mind that all folders, projects, and files under a parent folder will inherit newly assigned permissions.

Studio+ explicit permissions