Studio+: How To Send and View Payroll Files

By default, the FROM and TO Cast & Crew folders used for exchange of payroll-related files are subfolders under the project folder. If you need additional folders to control access, you can work with your implementation specialist.  

1. Find your project folder by clicking through the parent folders or search for it. 

Tip: You can bookmark the project folder to directly access it next time you log into Studio+ 

2. Double-click into the appropriate project.  

3. Once inside your project folder double-click into the Main folder.  

4. You’ll see a TO and FROM Cast & Crew folder.

Studio+ to and from folders

Send files to Cast & Crew payroll

The TO Cast & Crew folder is where you can upload your start paperwork, timecards, and any other files you want to share with your payroll coordinator. Your coordinator can view, print, and move these files, but they cannot delete them and they cannot upload anything to this folder.  

  1. Double-click into the TO Cast & Crew folder. 
  2. Click Upload in the top left navigation bar.  

    Studio+ Upload TO folder
  3. You can select from files on computer, drag and drop, or upload entire folders along with their contents.  
  4. Make sure your file is uploaded in the correct location. It helps if you’re inside the folder that you want to upload your documents in. The breadcrumb navigation in the Upload window shows where the document will be uploaded in and you can change if it needed.  
    Studio+ payroll upload window
  5. Once you select a file or folder, it’ll automatically upload into the To Cast & Crew folder.  
  6. Close the window to see the file in your library.  

View payroll files from Cast & Crew

The FROM Cast & Crew folder is used by Cast & Crew to automatically upload payroll reports. These files are marked as “Added from Payroll.”   

  1. Double-click into the FROMCast & Crew folder. 
  2. Here is where you’ll find anything sent to you from Paymaster or your Payroll Coordinator and any invoices. 
  3. You can double-click on a file to view it and zoom in and out to review the details. 
  4. In the top right navigation bar, you can download the file, leave a comment, or press the 3-dot menu to Share or Print. 

Select files in bulk

The Bulk-Action function allows you to select multiple files at one time to download, share, mark as unread, move or copy to another folder, and print.   

  1. Select the appropriate files. 
  2. Once you select one file, the Bulk-Action button will display in the top left corner, under your name. 
  3. Click Bulk-Action and select an action.  
    Studio+ bulk action