Studio+: Creating User Roles

Users who have permission to manage organization permission in Studio+ can create user roles.

User roles are a set of predefined permissions you can set up for your internal users. You'll be able to choose an existing user role when you add a user in Studio+. Learn how to add users here.

  1. After logging in to Studio+, click into your Organization.
  2. Click your organization name to view the drop-down menu. Select User Role Management.
    Studio+ User Role Management
  3. On the User Role page, click User Role in the top navigation bar and select +Create Role.
    Studio+ Create User Role
  4. Give the role a name and select the organization permissions you want the role to have.  Click here to view a list of organization permissions and what they mean here.
  5. Click Create.
  6. The role will be populated on the screen. You can edit or delete the role you created at any time by clicking the 3-dot menu to the right of the row.
  7. You'll now be able to choose this user role when you add internal users to your organization in Studio+.