Studio+: Add or Remove Columns From Your View

Discover the add/remove column feature in Studio+ to organize your view.

The custom column feature in Studio+ allows you to add and remove columns that contain file and folder attributes such as date created, last modified date, and more. 

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Who Can Access?

Users will need to have permission to access this feature. If you don’t have access, reach out to your Studio+ admin. If you’re an admin, you can give a user permission on the user settings page under “User Management.” Learn more here. 

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Some columns may not contain any information. ‘Entered by name,’ ‘Entered by email,’ and ‘Weekending’ are optional and may not be populated with data from other systems. In this case, you'll see a dash in the column field. 
  • Since columns take a predefined amount of space, meaning not all columns can be visible at once. Once a certain amount in the column header is occupied, new columns cannot be added until others are removed.
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Pro Tip

You can sort all columns in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column title. 


We’ve listed each option below with a brief explanation so you can choose the view that works best for you: 

  • Category: contains file/folder category that is assigned by a user or another system, such as Cast & Crew Payroll, Start+, Hours+, etc. 
  • Date Created: date when the file/folder was created 
  • Date Modified: date when the file/folder was last modified 
  • Uploaded by: the user name or system that uploaded the file to Studio+ 
  • Entered by Email: the email of the Cast & Crew Payroll Coordinator who input the document in the Cast & Crew Payroll system 
  • Entered by Name: the name of the Cast & Crew Payroll Coordinator who input the document in the Cast & Crew Payroll system 
  • Weekending: the week-ending date associated with the file that was sent by another system (users do not have the ability to input or change this date in Studio+) 
  • Size: the size of the file in kilobytes (Kb) or megabytes (Mb)