Start+ Release Notes

Start+ Release: June 16, 2022

Date: June 16, 2022

Time: 7:30 p.m. PT

Enhanced Union On-Call Weekly Terms of Employment Table  
  • For Union on-call crew with a weekly rate, Hiring Managers will be able to create Pay-At-Scale offers and have more control over how idle days are paid.


  • “Hours Per Week” are for pensionable hours. They are not for calculating wages.

Canadian Loan-Out Support! 

  • Like U.S. offers, Start+ will now use verified loan-out entity information from MyCast&Crew for Canadian Start+ loan-out offers too!  
  • Crew will add and verify their designated loan-out entity in MyCast&Crew to accept a Canadian Start+ loan-out offer, just like they already do for U.S. Start+ offers. Learn how to do this here. 
  • This will ensure that only valid loan-out entities are used to accept new offers.  
  • This will also reduce the time it takes crew to complete Start+ loan-out documents and reduces the Cast & Crew setup time of loan-out deal memos.  

Helpful how-to guide: 

Start+ Canada: How to Add a Loan-Out Entity When Accepting Your Offer