Start+ Release: July 7, 2022

Date: July 7, 2022

Time: 7:30 p.m. PT

Screen Credit Names in Start+! 
  • Start+ can now print crew members’ Screen Credit Names on Start+ forms and will include them in the new exported Crew List. With a single click, you can have all your crew’s screen credit names!  
  • This will reduce the number of fields that crew members need to complete when accepting an offer.  
  • Start+ Hiring Managers with access to export the Crew List will be able to quickly find a crew member’s screen credit name in a convenient and centralized location.  
  • Exported Crew List contains Screen Credit Name column:

Please note that Screen Credit Name is an optional field on the crew member MyCast&Crew profile, and some have not provided one yet. 


We’ve made a few updates to the Union On-Call Weekly Terms of Employment Table.  

  • We’re clarifying that the hours per week are across 5 days by adding text so that it now reads as “Hours Per Week (5 Days)”.  
  • The Hours Per Week field will have a better design so that it’s clear that the field is disabled.  
  • 60 hours will be the default unless the labor contract has a different value.