Start+ Release: January 6, 2021

Date: Wednesday, January 6

Time: 7:00 p.m.

We’ve updated the Terms of Employment table for Non-Union, Hourly Schedules (e.g., Sechdule A, OT, EX, etc.). Check out what this new update will include, below: 

A Better Experience 

Hiring managers and reviewers can now enter the appropriate rate information on the “Create/Review Offer” page, and it will flow through the rest of Start+ and into Cast & Crew Payroll. This means you’ll see similar changes on the employee’s Offer Summary page, Manage Offers, Approvals, Archives, and the mobile “My Approval” cards. 

New rate table 

New rate table on the Mange Offers page  

New Alert Notifications  

Hiring managers will be alerted if an offer has an unreasonable Hours per Day value (i.e., any value that is greater than 16 hours).