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Start+ Canada: Employee Start Packet Best Practices

While completing your start paperwork, please note the following best practices. If you have any technical questions or concerns, please contact Plus Support at:

  • Plus.Support@castandcrew.com or call 818-860-7770 for assistance.

Google Chrome is the preferred browser for Start+, but you can use the latest version of all browsers.

New users: Log in to Start+

1. Log into your email and open the message you received from Start+ Notification.

2. Click the blue Start link at the bottom of the email .

3. A new browser window will open, and you will be asked to set up your password and recovery information. Learn more about creating a new account here.

4. Once you've logged in, the system will walk you through the steps to fill out the start paperwork.

  • Note: Anything with a red asterisk (*) MUST be completed before you will be allowed to move onto the next page.
  • The left side of the screen will show you fields that need to be completed as well.

6. Once all required fields have been completed, a pop-up will appear at the bottom of the screen allowing you to proceed.

7. Continue through all documents, completing each page until the screen reads: Your Start Packet Has Been Submitted for Approval.

Tip: To access Start+ in the future, please login at my.castandcrew.com and click the Start+ link on the right side of the screen.