Reporting+ Release: June 2, 2022

Date: June 2, 2022

Time: 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. PT

Easier Ways to Find Reports! 

  • You can now more easily locate your reports using the new Search and Sort capabilities available on the My Reports, Standard Reports and Shared with Me reports grids. 
    • Reporting Sorting: Any column on the grid can be sorted alphabetically (for text columns) or chronologically (for date columns). 
    • Report Search: Enter your search criteria in the Search box at the top of the grid to search for reports by Report Name, Data Source, or Date. 
  • Additionally, we’ve removed the separate sections on the My Reports grid which previously reference “Recent Reports” and “Saved Reports’ since all the reports displayed on the My Reports page reference your personal reports list and can now more easily be searched and sorted to find the report you’re looking for: 

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Edit Existing Report Names with Ease! 

  • You can now save time and easily rename existing reports directly from the My Reports grid without having to open and re-run the report: 

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Custom Report and Filter Names Improvements 

  • Previously, when duplicating reports using the 3-dot menu from the My Reports grid, the duplicated report would automatically be created and renamed as “Copy of [original report name]” which could cause challenges when report names became too long. 
    Graphical user interface

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  • Now, you’ll need to create a custom name when duplicating a report before the duplicated report is saved to their My Reports list. 
    Graphical user interface, text, application

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  • Similarly, all new Filters will require a custom filter name to be entered before the Filter can be saved for a given report. 
    • Remember, you cannot have more than one Filter with the same name within a single report but could have the same Filter Name assigned to Filters that exist in different reports. 
  • Unique report and filter names will continue to be enforced to ensure no two reports can have the same Report Name or same Filter Name within a single report. 
    • You will no longer see the prepopulated “Untitled Report” or “Untitled Filter” references when creating new reports or filters, to ensure you create custom report and filter names going forward: 

Create a New Report from Anywhere!

  • Previously, the “Create a report” button was only available when viewing the My Reports page
  • Now, the Create a report” button is visible on the left-hand side of the page, no matter which report page you are on to eliminate the need of navigating to a different page when you want to create a new report

Keep Track of Your Report Changes

  • Ever run a report and wonder if you made any changes that you should remember to Save? Now, you don’t have to remember!
    • If you make changes to an existing report, you’ll see the Save button displayed at the top of the report edit grid, but if you haven’t made any changes, the Save button will not be displayed so you know there’s nothing new to save.
    • Don’t worry, if you don’t click the Save button after you’ve made changes, Reporting+ will confirm you do not wish to save them before navigating away from the report edit grid: