PSL+: Setting Up PSL For ACH Exports

Bank Setup

All banks should have the account number populated, Check number/ EFT number range, and/or Prefix if applicable.

PSL+ ACH Bank Setup

Note: If you will be processing Checks, EFT’s and/or Wire Transfer payments from the same bank but would like a different amount of check copies for each, please contact to activate the option.

Vendor Setup

All vendors who will be receiving an EFT will need to be set up with their complete vendor details, including the ACH Rt # and ACH Acct #. To do this:

  1. Go to APVEN DETAIL → Select d) EFT FIELDS

PSL+ Vendor Entry 1PSL+ vendor entry 2

PSL+ vendor entry 3

NOTE: Exceptions may be issued if:

    • The Vendor is missing the ACH# and/or the ACH Acct #
      • PSL will not create an EFT file
    • The Vendor is missing an email address
      • PSL will display a warning but allow you to proceed with creating an EFT file