MyCast&Crew Release: September 28, 2022

Date: September 28, 2022

Time: 7:00 p.m. PST

Get Ready to Update Your Project Onboarding Experience! 
  • Welcome to the brand-new Digital Project Onboarding Portal in MyCast&Crew. We’re excited to introduce you to our new secure self-service portal that allows you to digitally submit new project requests. 
  • You can use the Digital Project Onboarding Portal to:  
    • Digitally submit new project requests and change requests to a project in our secure and permission-controlled portal. 
    • Save your progress on the project information completed and return later to complete the request. 
    • Clone existing project requests for faster new project submissions. The only required field in a cloned project is the project name since it needs to be unique. 
    • Upload supporting documentation alongside the new project request (i.e., Chart of Accounts, ACH, COI). 
    • Add other team members to collaborate on your project request. You can give them read-only permission or full permission.  
    • Track history changes to a project request and receive real-time visibility into your project status. 

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