Hours+ Release: September 15, 2022

Date: September 15, 2022

Batch Reports

  • A new, tighter layout makes timecards easier than ever to read: 
  • You can even see which codes were split on which days.  
    • An icon shows whether the split is by time, percentage, or units. 
  • Coding breaks out onto its own table to make it fast to find critical information. 
  • Allowance documents are now included in the batch report.  
  • The Download Timecards button (formerly known as Download Batch) now honors your filter and sorting preferences.  
    • Filter so you can focus on the timecards you want. Sort them as you need. Lastly, download or print your timecards how you like to see them.  
  • The new batch report with all its new data and allowance document will be sent to Studio+.
  • COMING SOON: the timecards sent to Studio+ will have the same layout and include the allowance documents. 

Studio+ Related:  

  • New projects will have the ability to sort your Hours+ documents by a new column in Studio+: Week Ending! Just like you have with some of your payroll files.  
    • This applies to new files generated going forward – existing files will not have a week ending date.
  • If you have an existing project and you’d like to take advantage of this, contact your CSM.  

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