Hours+ Release: September 10, 2021

Date: September 10, 2021

Time: 9:00 p.m. PST

Allowance Improvements 

  • Payroll Accountants can copy existing allowance lines, including all unsaved values, to a new line. You will be able to quickly split allowances and have all your account codes added to an entirely new line. No need to double the work if you only need to update one field. 
  • Coding attributed to allowances in Start+ on a crew member’s deal will now be included on their timecards. Please note: the payroll accountant will see the coding and the crew member will not.  

    Improved WTC Functionality 

    • You can now perform the following batch-level actions (depending on role permissions) on the Weekly Timecard screen (WTC): 
      • Lock/Unlock Batch 
      • Go to Bulk Edit (prefiltered for the selected batch) 
      • Move Timecards 
      • Download Batch Report 


    • Crew members no longer need to reject a timecard back to themselves to change or delete the timecard. 

    Search Timecards 

    • The default screen for approvers is now the “Search Timecards” instead of “Reviews”. The search timecard screen has a more robust filter system, allowing you to find what you need, much quicker.  
    • Search Timecards and Search Invoices tabs have been renamed to “Timecards” and “Invoices” respectively.  
    • You can now filter by timecards that are paid (instead of seeing them lumped into “processed” timecards). 

    Automatically Delete Empty Batches 

    • When a Payroll Accountant deletes the last timecard in a batch, that batch will be automatically deleted in Hours+. 
      • Deleted batches will no longer appear on Hours+ Open Batch Report.