Hours+ Release: May 27, 2021

Date: May 27, 2021

Time: 10:00 p.m. PT

Moving and Locking Batches 

  • Batches will “soft lock” after the payroll accountant approves all timecards in a batch which means an accountant CAN unlock this batch to move timecards in and out of it.  
  • After the final approver in the approval flow approves the last timecard in a batch, the batch will “hard lock” which means payroll accountants can't move timecards in nor out of this batch. 
  • Your payroll coordinator still has full control to move timecards in and out of a “hard-locked” batch. 

Other Enhancements 

  • Day type dropdowns are now limited in crew timecards by union contract. 
  • A warning message for DGA day type not allowed now shows on the Weekly Timecard Screen. 
  • Pending Timecard Report now includes a batch ID column.