Hours+ Release: June 9, 2022

Date: June 9, 2022

Time: 10:00 p.m.

Invoices Screen Enhancements

  • You can now use the Invoices screen to follow your payroll from the instant that it’s created. Full tracking, all on one concise screen.  
  • New, more clear invoice statuses 
    • Invoices that aren’t fully approved yet will show as “Unsubmitted,” meaning they haven’t been picked up by the coordinator yet. 
    • An invoice becomes “Submitted to C&C” when all its timecards are approved by everyone in the workflow and the coordinator takes control of the invoice. No extra steps needed. 
  • You can simply click on an invoice to view all its timecards on the Timecards screen.  

Helpful how-to guide: 

Hours+ Payroll Accountants: Working With the Invoices Screen 

Updated 6.14.22:

 Our new Auto-Invoicing feature is designed to directly benefit your edits workflow.  It allows payroll accountants to customize and create their own edits, further speeding up the payroll process, while also giving better control over what batches are attached to which edits.

This allows your edits to land on your payroll coordinator’s desk exactly as you intend them. That means you don’t have to rely on back-and-forth emails, telling your coordinator which batches you’d like combined on a single edit. It’s already done by the timecards clear your approval workflow.

What does it mean to have an invoice attached?

An attached invoice does not indicate that timecards have prematurely been approved or paid.  This is only a reflection of how edits will be sent back later in the week. 

New Ways to Move Timecards 

  • You now have more power to control the way your edits come back to you. You can move timecards in and out of invoices and batches.  
    • Batches control how often your approval chain gets emailed.  
    • Invoices control how your edits will look when they come back to you.  
    • We recommend both: 
      • Fewer batches. This generally means less frequent emails.  
      • Fewer invoices. This means fewer edits. 
    • Don’t know what to choose? Move stragglers out to a new invoice. You can leave the batches alone.  
  • Union and non-union timecards generally can’t be combined into the same batch nor invoice. 
    • This has always been true in terms of policy, but now it will be more strictly enforced in the application to prevent confusion at the start of edits. 

Other Enhancements 

  • There’s protection built-in to prevent a timecard from having multiple Invoice Types.
  • I.e., you can’t have a timecard that has some union days and non-union days. The timecard must be one or the other.  

Hours+ Generated Email Improvements 

  • When batches are submitted to Cast & Crew, an improved email will be sent to recipients on this list. 
  • It’ll tell you about the batch as well as the invoice attached to the batch.