Hours+ Release: December 15, 2022

Date: December 15, 2022

Time: 9:00 p.m. PST

Open Timecards on the Weekly Timecard Screen! 

  • The Timecards screen now allows Payroll Accountants and Approvers to select timecards to open on the Weekly Timecard Screen.  
  • This means you don’t need to organize by batch to review payroll or work through approvals. 
  • Clicking a row in the table still loads the whole batch, just like it always has: 

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    • Please note: The Move feature is still limited to handling moving from a single batch at a time-- this will be upgraded in the new year.  
  • Bulk Approval of Timecards
    • Approvers can now bulk-approve timecards across different batches/invoices. There’s no longer any need to work batch by batch if you don’t want to. 

General Updates and Improvements: 

  • The Move feature now provides a filterable list of timecards – it even includes department and timecard status. Separating out those stragglers should now be faster than ever.  
  • Large batch reports and timecards now download faster than ever! 
  • On the Weekly timecard Screen, the allowances table now allows for Enter/Return to move up and down rows. 
  • Auto-coding now supports: 
    • Loan-out Coding 
      • If you’d like to code all loan-outs differently than individuals, auto-coding can now accommodate this. 
    • Insurance Field Coding