Hours+ Release: Dec 19, 2020

Date: Saturday, December 19, 2020

Time: 4:00 p.m. PST

This release is focused on giving more power and flexibility to department heads and payroll accountants. With more ways to create, find and delete timecards, here are some of the ways that Hours+ is working harder for you. 

Easier Timecard Deletion 

Payroll Accountants can now delete timecards that have not yet completed the approval flow, triggering a notification to the creator of the timecard. Learn how to delete timecards here. 

Report Enhancements  

Reports now include more information for quick comparisons of employees and timecards. 

Learn more about reports here. 

Create Crew Timecards on Your Time 

Crew timecards can now be created for employees who have not yet accepted their Hours+ invitation. 

Improved Multiple Timecard Creation 

Multiple crew timecards can be created for employees for the same week. This can be useful for employees who require separate timecards for their overtime.  

Anytime Downloads for Allowance Documentation 

Supporting documentation for allowances can be downloaded at any time, regardless of the timecard status. 

We look forward to sharing our continued product improvements and enhancements to make your Hours+ experience even better.