ETC Employees: Submit a Loan-Out Request as a W2 Project Employee

If you're onboarded as a W2 employee but need to be paid as a loan-out, you can submit a loan-out request in ETC.

  1. If you don't have a MyCast&Crew account, complete your registration profile on MyCast&Crew. Learn how to do this here.
  2. After you create your account, log in to MyCast&Crew and launch ETC. 
  3. After you complete the I9 form, click the My Forms link at the top of the page.
  4. Scroll down to the "Loan-Outs" section and click the small arrow on the right side to expand the section.
  5. A list of the clients/projects will display. Click View in the "Action" column to complete the loan-out request.
  6. You'll be required to upload a copy of the Articles of Incorporation (1), fill out an electronic W-9 form (2), and a Letter of Indemnification (LOI). The LOI link will appear after you complete the W-9 form.
  7. You can keep track of your progress using the boxes at the top of the page. Yellow represents the current step you're on is in progress, and green represents that the step is complete.
  8. Click Edit if you need to modify any of the loan-out information before submitting it to the project administrator.
  9. Click Submit at the top of the page when the loan-out information is complete. The second box in the progress bar will turn green.
  10. The loan-out request will be sent to the Client/Project Administrator responsible for the project. When the request is approved, the third box in the progress bar will turn green, and it will be sent to a CAPS Coordinator for final verification and approval.