Studio+: Setting Asset Permissions

You'll need to give users asset permissions to access assets and folders if they do not have access to all content.

1. After logging in, click into your organization.

2. Select any project, folder, or file within Studio+ by clicking the 3-dot icon in the far right of the row and selecting Permissions.

3. In the dialogue you can see which users have access to the content. Click the Add tab to grant permissions to users and groups.

Note that when you grant permissions to a project or folder, that permission will then be granted to all sub-folders and sub-files located within the main folder.

4. Use the search bar to easily filter for recipients, or scroll the list to find them.

5. Click the plus (+) button to select which asset permission you want to give the user(s). Learn about the different asset permission types here.


When permissions are assigned to a folder, the user will gain those permissions for all sub-folders and files located within. In addition, if any new sub-folders or files are added, they will automatically gain those permissions as well.

6. Don’t forget to save your permission edits by clicking on the “Save Icon.”