Studio+: Setting Permissions


1. Select any project, folder or file within Studio+ by clicking the 3-dot icon to the right of the name and selecting Permissions.

2. You can then see which users have access to the content. Click the “Add” tab to grant permission’s to users and groups.

Note that when you grant permissions to a project or folder, that permission will then be granted to all folders and files located within.

  • View: View the file or folder.
  • File and Folder Management: Ability to create folders and edit folder and file names. 
  • Upload: Ability to upload files.
  • Delete: Ability to delete files and folders.
  • Download (w/Watermark): User can download a copy of a file that is watermarked.
  • Download (No Watermark): User can download a copy of the file without a watermark.
  • Download (Original): User can download the original file without a watermark.
  • Share Document for Viewing: User can share a file with internal and external users that can only be viewed through Studio+. File will have a watermark.   
  • Share Document for Download (w/Watermark): User can share a file with internal and external users that can be downloaded. File will have a watermark.
  • Share Original Document: User can share the original version of a file with internal and external users for download. File will not have a watermark when downloaded.
  • Share Document Without Password: If the User has one of the above share permissions, they will have the option to share a file to external users and no password will be needed to gain access to them.
  • Permission Management: User will have the ability to manage the permissions of other users.

    When permissions are assigned to a folder, the user will gain those permissions for all sub-folders and files located within. In addition, if any new sub-folders or files are added, they will automatically gain those permissions as well.

    3. Don’t forget to save your permission edits by clicking on the “Save Icon.”