Studio+: Setting Organization Permissions

Studio+ has two sets of permissions: Organization Permissions and Folder Permissions. Organization Permissions have the potential to give Internal Users the ability to access/manage all Projects and Folders associated with the organization.

You can manage permissions before or after adding a user to an organization. Only Internal Users can be assigned Organization Permissions.

1. Select the Organization that you would like to manage.

2. Click Users Management from the Organization menu.

3. Find the User and Select Edit from (3 dot) Menu.

4. Select which Organization Permissions to add/remove and click Update Permissions.

The organization permissions we can turn on/off for these users are:

Can Access All Content – user will automatically be able to access ALL projects and folders within your organization.

Can Access All Content – user will automatically be able to access ALL Projects and Folders within your Organization.

Can Manage Categories – when files are uploaded to Studio+ you can give them a tag. A user with this permission can create/edit the various tags that can be assigned to files in your organization.

Can Create/Edit Departments – user can create departments at the project level.

Can Create Script Sides Without Watermark – user will be able to create and share script sides without a watermark.

Can Create/Manage Private Distribution Lists – user can create Distro lists only they’ll be able to see.

Can Manage Project for Distribution Lists - user can add a project to a distribution list.

Can Access Mobile – user can access content on the mobile app.

Can Manage Shares – user can manage expiration dates, max views, and remove/delete shared files.

Add/Remove Users – user will be able to add both internal and external users to the organization. When a new production is started, it should be determined who is going to be responsible for adding new users. Then either somebody at the organization or Studio+ support will add those people in with the permission to Add/Remove users.

Can Manage Projects – user will be able to create new Project level folders (ie, Features and Television) as well as edit the name of existing projects.

Can Create Scriptsides – user will be able to create Script Sides

Can Manage Public Distribution Lists – user can create Distro lists that anyone will be able to use when sending a share.

Can Manage Organization Permissions – user will be able to modify the organization permissions of other users. A User MUST have this permission to grant/edit the organization permissions for other users

Can Manage Download Now Shares – allow a user to download a file(s) directly from their shared email.