Studio+: Creating Annotations


Studio+ allows you to collaborate with other members of your team by creating annotations on video clips.

To begin, open a video file from one of your projects.

1. You will see the Annotation Headers with associated time markers at the bottom of the play bar. To view annotations on a video, click the up arrow in the bottom right of the screen.

  • This will then show you thumbnails of all the previously created annotations for that file.

2. You can click on any of the Thumbnails to view the annotation, including user’s name and accompanying notes.

3. To create your own annotation, first click on the Pencil Tool.

4. Now you are in the create annotation mode and can draw on the frame using your mouse. Change the color of your annotations by clicking on the Color Selector icon. Next, you can add text by typing in the comment box.

5. You can also move the placement of the text box by clicking the Handle Bar icon in the upper right of the text box. Click and drag to a desired location.

6. You are required to add a comment before the annotation can be saved. Once you are happy with your annotation, click the check mark in the bottom toolbar to save.

7. You can create multiple annotations on a single frame of video. To delete an annotation, select the thumbnail you want to delete by clicking the trash can icon.  

Download and Save Annotations

You can also download and/or share annotations.

1. To do so, click the Download icon in the upper right of the screen. A dropdown menu will appear.

2. If you select Download or Share annotations, you’ll be given several formatting options. Once you have selected your preferred method, continue with your download or configuring your share.

The file formatting options will download as:

PDF: One per Page – will display a single annotation and all corresponding comments and replies, fit to one page.

PDF: Three per Page – will display three annotations and a limited amount of comments and replies per page.  

CVS File – will download a CSV of all annotations that can be uploaded to Final Cut.