Studio+: Adding Users

When you first log in to Studio+ this is the page you’ll see. Later, when you add files to the system, your homepage will become populated with your various files.

To get started, click the Home button.

1. Select the project where you would like the user(s) to be added.

2. Click Upload in the top left corner and select Users Management option to view and create new users.

3. Click Add User to begin.

On the next prompt, you’ll be asked to select a user type and enter an email. There are two user types:
    • Internal Users will be sent an invite to access Studio+. They’ll be given a permanent login and you’ll need to set up their permissions in order to grant them access and capabilities within the system.
    • External Users have no permanent access to Studio+. Instead, you can send them limited-use “shares” and add them to distribution lists (more on this below).
4. After you’ve selected the user type, enter the user’s email address and click Next. 

5. In the following section, enter the user’s first and last name. If they are an internal user, choose if they will be a standard user or assigned as an admin

  • Admin: Automatically granted all permissions to all files and folders within the organization.
  • Standard User: Must be assigned permissions.